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The instructor rating is a great way to take your career to another level as either a career instructor or as a valuable component of your commercial career.

The Instructor Rating consists of 50 hours of flight training and between 50 and 100 hours of ground training.

Ground and theory component

You'll begin your instructor rating in the classroom where one of our experienced instructors will guide you through delivering long briefings and pre-flight briefings. Your aeronautical knowledge will be greatly expanded and challenged as you learn to teach sequences from effects of controls to basic instrument flying, short field operations and night navigation.

The ground course in Principles and Methods of Instruction is conducted as a series of briefings and discussions at regular intervals throughout your training.

Flight training component

The flight training is divided into 30 hours dual training with a Grade 1 instructor and 20 hours mutual training with another instructor trainee or Grade 2 or 3 instructor acting in that role. The flight component is conducted in both the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 206 and you will learn to fly precisely and accurately as this is what flight instructing is all about!

Read further information on the requirements of the Instructor Rating [PDF].


The cost for the Flight Instructor Rating is approximately $15,000 - depending on your existing qualifications. Please contact us to discuss your training and to get an individual quote.

Optional component: Multi-Engine Training Approval

Multi-Engine Training Approval (META) is an add-on to an existing instructor rating. Commercial pilots who hold an instructor rating and have a minimum 50 hours in command of multi-engine aeroplanes of which not more than 25 is ICUS are eligible to undertake our Multi-Engine Training Approval course. This includes briefings on aeroplane systems, general handling, and asymmetric handling and performance. The training is conducted in either the Islander or the Aero Commander. CASA recommends 16.5 hours of classroom time, 1 hour of synthetic trainer time and 9.5 hours of flight time for the issue of Multi-Engine Training Approval.